About Us

African Gorillas Tours and Safaris Limited,the mother of Gorilla tours and safaris: is a Tour Operator registered   and incorporated in Uganda “the Pearl of Africa”
Our offices are based in Kampala, Uganda.  Our trips cover all national parks of Uganda and Rwanda.
Our safari package options are luxury, upmarket and budget options.
The company policy is to provide quality services aiming surpassing your expectations.
A combination of experienced managers and staff who have worked and attained experience in the industry are employed. Our tour guides are born and raised here and have all the knowledge you need about this banana republic. Clients we handle recommend us now and again.


We are a team of highly experienced, innovative and knowledgeable tour experts. They include accounting personnel, a systems administrator, Geographers, Environmentalists, Zoologists, botanists, Social workers, Linguists and Professional driver guides.

Why our staff?

Our services are dependable, reliable and efficient. Our driver guides have been leaving our clients with an ever-lasting smile on their faces because of their outstanding performance. The office staff, which is responsible for planning Tours and Safaris, are the Ones that ensure that everything goes well while on your tour.

Client Consultative Tour Package.

We take the time to discuss your interests, travel style, budget, and time frame – all the factors that can influence your trip – to ensure we suggest a tour that’s just right for you because in your satisfaction, lies ours.

Field Experience.

Our staff has traveled to almost all the safari camps, lodges, and hotels throughout East Africa.

Timely and flexibility in response.

We ensure a 24-hour response time to your inquiry. Continually we update you on the status of your request, keeping you informed with a keen attention to detail and efficiency.

Efficiency in Communication.

Our guides are equipped with Mobile phones to ensure that your safari is connected to us in the office much as you are miles way.

Our Mission.

Our mission is the provision of the highest quality services to our clients while conserving our environment and ecosystems.

Our Vision.

To be one of the best Tour Operators in Africa.


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