Uganda named Among the 20 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Uganda was named the 13th Most beautiful country in the world, beating Australia,Norway,Philippines,Norway,Brazil and India…..

Mostly this was because:-

  • Though a small country, it’s the starting point of the most amazing and longest river in the world, River Nile
  • River is born from the “Mountains of the moon”, accurately known as Rwenzori Mountains.
  • Lake Victoria is the biggest Fresh Water Lake in the world; its biggest part is in Uganda.
  • Three quarters of the world’s last surviving mountain Gorillas are found in Uganda.
  • Although it’s beaten by other countries in the size of their national parks, it has all the Animals that inhabit the tropics.
  • Millions of bird species not seen anywhere else in the world e.g shoe bill
  • Lake Bunyonyi is the second deepest lake in Africa
  • Murchison Falls National Park has the best sightseeing and wildlife views in the world

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Lake Bunyonyi from Above

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