Uganda Wildlife Authority in the Process of Introducing Smartcards for Access to National Parks


Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is in advanced stages of rolling out a new hustle free payment system for her clients to access her national parks products and services.

The authority has introduced a Wildlife Card which is a plastic card about the size of a credit card, with an embedded microchip that will be used by the reservation/customer care officers to load the GORILLA and CHIMPANZEE tracking details and electronic cash payments for other tourism activities in the five National Parks of Lake Mburo, Bwindi Impenetrable, Queen Elizabeth, Kibale, and Murchison Falls for now. It will be rolled to the rest of the national parks in the near future.

The Wildlife card system controls and deducts the different fee rates according to the services provided, records information on each visitor.

The Card will improve on the security of the tourists and tour operators, who will no longer need to carry large amounts of cash. It will also increase on the security of the gate clerks who have been keeping a lot of cash at the gates and were prone to insecurity. The details of tourists stored on the card will also enhance customer service delivery and improve customer relationship management.

According to management, any potential visitor including Citizens, Residents, Non-resident, tour operator and concessioners wishing to access these tourism destinations will find the card handy.

There are two groups of Wildlife Cards that are issued: Temporary and Personalized. Temporary cards are recyclable and are issued to one-off park visitors. This implies that the visitor has to visit the Point of Sale Point, Point of Issue offices on the day of visiting to be issued a card(s) and value topped up for the visit and, the card is surrendered at the gate when exiting the park

On the other hand, personalized cards are issued to customers who want to enjoy the convenience of owning a card permanently. Such ownership enables them to plan their tours to the parks in advance by loading value prior to the visiting day, thereby avoid long queues experienced during peak times

The cards will be available at Points of Sale Point, Points of Issue including UWA Headquarters in Kampala, Kichumbanyobo gate in Murchison falls NP, Nshara gate in Lake Mburo NP, Katunguru; Queen Elizabeth Park headquarters, Buhoma; Bwindi Park headquarters and Isunga; Kibale National Park headquarters.


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