There was a very bad tourism season of 2012 when the number of tourists coming to Uganda dropped to all time low.

This was partly blamed on the natural disasters that hit the country From August to December.

These natural disasters include Ebola (2 times in August and November) and Marburg in November which claimed some innocent lives which go to an overwhelming 15!

At the same time when we were battering these killer hemorrhagic  fevers, the foreign media negative reporting went in Over drive, presenting this beautiful East African Country famous for Gorilla tracking as a place where death is almost unavoidable, adding to the bias that  most of the world has always carried  about the “Pearl of Africa”.

These biases include the general ones about African countries which include underdevelopment, barbaric behavior,primitiviity,war ,disease, famine, the list is endless(most of these are lies based on under informed or misinformed reporters who don’t have any connection with the prevailing facts on the ground like the fact that Africa is currently the most favorable place to invest in the world and even that Africa has the fastest growing economies at the present ,and other many good things),and the unique ones which include Idd Amin and The American Tourists who were killed by Rwandan Guerillas(the Interahamwe) in 1999 in Bwindi.

So all these factors contributed to a catastrophic tourist season in Uganda, and many good facts about Uganda did not help either since they were vehemently ignored.

But nowadays if you interact with any tour operator in Uganda, he will tell you about how people are slowly coming back to have a share at their favorite gorilla tracking options, wildlife safaris, mountain climbing, water rafting, etc and this is good.

Game Drive in Queen Elizabeth

Game Drive in Queen Elizabeth

If you can observe the main entry route into Uganda which is the road from Entebbe international Airport to Kampala, tourist vehicles are plying the route (carrying tourists to Uganda) which is encouraging. The same applies to the major roads leading to Uganda’s famous National parks in South Western Uganda for example the Kampala-Kanungu highway which heads to Bwindi National Park (Buhoma side) which is famous for Gorilla Tracking, Kampala-Kabale (Kisoro) which also heads to Bwindi(Ruhija side),Mgahinga and also Rwanda.

Gorilla In Bwindi

Gorillas In Bwindi

The Mbarara-Kasese highway which heads to Queen Elizabeth National park ,Semliki National Park and Kabale Natioanal Park.

We are praying that this tourism boom continues for some many months so that we can realize Uganda’s full tourism potential.

On Safari to Kidepo,cutsy of NTV Uganda.

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