Not Only Mountain Gorillas,Uganda is well Endowed

Whenever someone mentions the word tourism, people start thinking about South America, Western Europe, Australia, the Middle East and other famous places because of the history that supports their thinking.

Whenever tourism in Africa is imagined, the imagination jumps to Kenya’s Masai Maraa and also South Africa’s famous Kruger National Park.

kazinga channel boat ride

Kazinga channel boat ride

I am not saying that it is bad for people to be well versed with a tourist destination they are about to embark on, but sometimes there should be a spirit of adventure in a person who is looking for the next tourist destination.

This fact is such because some of these countries have had good media coverage about their tourism potentials while others (including my dear Uganda) have had the opposite.

What is surprising is that most of these destinations, which compete with Uganda (in adventure tours), certainly have similar products like Uganda which is wildlife Safaris in the great African Savannas and thick forests (Jungles).

Where the difference lies is the numbers, here, I must concede that these parks are very huge and they have almost all the tropical African Savanna animal species (the most liked like lions, leopards, African black elephants, etc) and in large numbers, but also Uganda has things to boast of despite the bad publicity that Uganda had since the 1970s during Amin’s time, where Uganda was known as a hostile country, full of primitive and barbaric inhabitants with a killer Leader!

On its own wonders, Uganda has something to offer:-

  • In 2011, the Lonely Planet, which is the “bible” of tourism in the world ranked Uganda number one tourist destination. It happened because of the facts: –
  • Uganda has 53.9% of the world population of Mountain Gorillas; Uganda’s Dense Forests are home to over half of the world’s 750 or so mountain Gorillas – the rest live in the neighboring Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • CNN Voted Chobe Gym as the 5th best Gym with a view in the world.
  • Mount Rwenzori / Ruwenzori in Western Uganda was listed by an expert mountain climber from the National Geographic Society as one of the best 15 hiking places in the world. In Africa, this is the only mountain that was on that list!
  • The same National Geographical Society also included Virunga mountain ranges that lies between the borders of both Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo in the list of the MUST see places of the world.
  • Uganda is only 0.18% of the total land mass on earth and is regarded as one of the top 10 countries in the world in terms of bio diversity, biodiversity means relative abundance of flora, fauna and the general ecosystem.
  • Uganda has 6.8% of the world species of butterflies, 7.5% of the world species of mammals, and 16% of the world species of poly fungi ever recorded in both Europe and North America Combined. It has more inland water bodies compared to any country on the African continent, including a large portion of the second largest fresh water lake (Victoria) in the world.
  • Lake Victoria boasts of 84 islands called the Ssese islands, and of course not forgetting the source to the longest river in the world-The Nile. The Nile River provides the best Rafting experience in the world in terms of one to three days, and probably the hardest fall of water in the world at Murchison Falls.
  • At Murchison Falls, the River (Nile) struggles to pass through a six metre canyon and descends over 30 meters deep.
  • More so, Uganda has the best average weather condition in the world, and the only country that can come close is Ecuador.

Uganda has the most hospitable people in the world since despite being inhabited by people of different cultural backgrounds (Uganda has more than 100 cultures which is also an attraction itself!) it is deeply entrenched in all the cultures that a visitor deserves the best treatment someone can offer which makes Uganda an interesting place.

Uganda has had a very stable economic and political situation for almost 30 years since 1986 when the current Uganda Leader captured power in Kampala after a five year bush war, so securitywise, Uganda is very well.

Uganda is one of those places which have no criminals; here I mean thieves, murderers, kidnappers, etc since there are no active terrorist organizations in the “Pearl of Africa”.

So what I am urging the whole universe is also to give Uganda a dose of positive publicity so that it can benefit from its rich tourism endowments.

Last but not least, Uganda is your best destination for adventure tours, Wildlife Safaris, Gorilla Trekking/tracking, white water rafting, cultural tours (like the batwa pygimie tour, Kasubi royal tomb sites, etc), mountain climbing in Ruwenzori and site seeing in Kigezi(Kabale) the Switzerland of Africa.

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