The traffic problem on the major entry and exit terminal (Entebbe International Airport) to Uganda has been as old as the independent Uganda itself, but it has worsened over the last few years as the traffic in and out of the city center in Metropolitan Kampala keeps increasing everyday, a problem that has been further worsened by the increasing number of commuter taxis and bodabodas (motor cycle taxis).

At one time in November 2011,it took eight hours for people to drive from Entebbe to Kampala and that evening even tourists who were coming to enjoy themselves with their favorite Uganda Safaris ended up in this misery.

The government thought it was time to decongest the city and the various roads that lead to the city leading to the construction of the famous Northern Bypass which is dominated with flyovers and modern pavements, which served its purpose to a recognizable extent.

But the traffic jams between Kampala City Center and Entebbe, Kampala and Jinja, Kampala and Nateete, Kampala and Wandaegeya is a pain that any person who has traveled on this highway can never forget, including our clients (the tourists).

So Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has been on a massive drive to fulfill the presidential pledge of modernizing the country’s transport system by construction of many roads, widening others, and even may be construction of a railway in future.

This is one of the key areas the president (Museveni) identified as being crucial to the turning of Uganda into middle class economy by 2015, together with massive electricity generation.

When the transport system is wonderful, usually, it is a win-win situation since we who are in the tourism business find it easier to offer a very excellent service to our clients who are always traveling to the remotest parts of the country in Western Uganda, Norther Uganda North Eastern Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic republic of Congo where National parks are located.

When these clients arrive in time it makes all the activities like Sightseeing, wildlife Safaris, Gorilla tracking,etc very enjoyable as people do them when they are still very fresh.

So the construction of the Entebbe-Busega express highway which the president commission of Friday 23, 2012, will bring a lot of prosperity to the pearl of Africa.


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