Primate watching enthusiasts have one more reason to smile. Basing on the recent gorilla census carried out in Bwindi, it was confirmed that while the official population of mountain gorillas in this UNESCO world Heritage Site has been known to be around 30 gorillas since 2006, just three quarters of the total population of these apes (Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo share the remaining quarter), these closest cousins to humans had increased to a whooping 400, which indeed is good news to us and the whole world!!!!

The census results showed that currently there are 36 gorilla families in Bwindi and 16 solitary males. Of the 36 families,10 are habituated for tourism and research.

In July, we got sad news that the first silver back of the first family to be habituated in Bwindi around 1991 called Ruhondeeza had passed on, but these recent news will be a big boost to Uganda’s Tourism which heavily relies on wildlife Safaris and Gorilla tourism.

At the same time, a gorilla tracking promotion was declared as part of the 50th independence celebrations of the republic of Uganda.

Below is the full press release for Uganda Wildlife Authority:-


The management of Uganda Wildlife Authority(UWA) has launched a Gorilla tracking promotion to coincide with Uganda’s 50th Independence anniversary celebrations to enable potential visitors enjoy the same gorilla experience at subsidized rates.

According to a statement from the acting Executive Director, Dr. Andrew Seguya, the following promotional prices will apply for visitors wishing to track gorillas within the months of November 2012, April 2013 and May 2013.Foreign Non Residents will pay US $ 350 for a permit, Foreign Residents US$300 and East Africans will part with U sh 150,000 a permit.

Dr. Seguya says in a statement that the promotion is aimed at giving back to UWA’s esteemed customers during this celebration period. The promotion which is open to all tour operators and partners will be guided by the following guidelines. The promotional period will run for the months of November 2012, March 2013 and May 2013.This applies to unsold permits for this period and does not include prepayments before announcement of this promotion.

Payment for all gorilla permits under the promotional rates shall only be done at the Reservations office at UWA Headquarters in Kampala only. No promotional permits will be sold at the park Permits offered for sale under these promotional arrangements will be paid for in full (100% of value) at the time of booking. The acceptable payment methods are cash or direct bank transfers there will be no cash refunds, reschedules, cancellations and transfers allowed on promotion permits. Promotional permits will be marked “Promotional Permit”.


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