TREASURE HUNTERS-Dangerous enemies to the environment.

For a very long time, the blame for African problems has been directed to several issues ranging from internal to external reasons. External problems include colonialism and it’s aftermath, neo-colonialism and the unfair world in which we live, which is also unjust. Internal problems are the “usual ones” which we are always singing about which include cooruption, illiteracy, bad governace, etc.

But no matter what, these problems, both external and internal are as a result of the so-called developed countries, which cannot leave Africa (and the whole world) alone, but have insisted on using their economic, political and military power to manipulate everything in Africa for their benefit.

From the ancient days to today, over the millions of tonnes of natural resources including minerals, plant resources like forest products and animal products like ivory have been taken from Africa to these countries leading to overexploitation.

Our Animal population has been rapidly reducing due to people who kill these animals for their animal parts and it has been constantly reported that there is a lot of market for these parts in Asia.

For example, very many elephants have been loosing their lives because people are seriously looking for ivory, which they export. Like last month in August 2012,several people were arrested in Kasese with four pairs of ivory, meaning that they had killed four elephants, possibly in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kibale or Murchison Falls.

Now, Africa is being threatened by the possibility of desertification in the near future as a result of destruction of the environment, a lot of trees are illegally cut down by treasure hunters who sometimes export them for immediate gain.

Now, the seasons are no longer predictable, the rains are no longer predictable and weather forecasts are very difficult now. This has further extended the problem of hunger and famine.

Whenever it rains, it rains with a lot of revenge and destroys houses, plantations, and crops causing more problems.

So these treasure hunters have done much to cause enough trouble for us, but what’s making issues worse, these people are either foreigners or sponsored by foreigners by buying these tings after extraction, so it is high time, we the children of the land woke up and we fight for our environment because we have the greater responsibility on our land and future of our destiny.

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