When the executive director of KCCA (Kampala City Council Authority) decided to demolish all the illegal structures, all of us thought that it was near to impossible considering the dynamics of this society of ours where “some animals are more equal than others”, just like in the “Animal farm” book.
But from what we are witnessing right now, it seems KCCA is very determined to do the work that NEMA(National Environmental Management Authority) had failed to do for so long.
Last week, a building, which was belonging to the president’s brother and other Chinese investors that had been constructed in the road reserve, was “undone” and “put back to ground zero”.
As I speak, today morning on 25th September 2012 , two petrol stations around Kansanga area are already down and more illegal structures that were put up in wetlands, the would be drainage channels and road reserves will be demolished ,if at all I am to go with the words of the parliamentary committee concerned with Kampala city council Authority, while commenting on the list that was presented by the Executive Director and the Physical planner.
Next on the demolition list is the centenary park, near the Kololo, Jinja road junction.
Now what my worry is, other government institutions and technocrats stand on the sides and cheer up the people who are finishing our wetlands and even illegally allocate the land to these illegal developers thus having grave effects on our environment.
For example nowdays, rainfall is no longer predictable, in that when it rains, it does so with revenge, and nowadays, droughts are longer than what we were used to which has caused a sharp fall on food production in the country where agriculture depends on rainfall, and no irrigation takes place.
This has led to hunger in many parts of the country, landslides and other parts like Bududa, and floods like in Kitgum and every time something like this happens, then a lot of property is destroyed, lives are lost and food is destroyed making people victims of the poor decisions by leaders.
So what we are proposing is that other leaders and persons of important responsibility should borrow and use this example of Kampala City Council Authority for a more responsible handling of our gift of nature with which we are

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