Very few months ago, a “strange” illness struck Kibaale District, Killing a considerable number of people. A lot of energy was expended trying to get the situation normalized and after several months of trying, finally, it seems a break through has come: –

According to Dr.D.K Lwamafa, Uganda’s Director General of Health services, the country is currently in a post Ebola Surveillance Phase that continuously monitors the situation to ensure that the Ebola transmission cycle has been broken and that there is no likelihood of occurrence of any new cases.

The post Ebola Surveillance countdown period is a prerequisite of the World Health Organization (WHO) criteria which requires any affected country to monitor the Ebola situation for a period of 42 days after the last discharged patient case before finally declaring that the Ebola problem is over.

The last patient in Kibaale was allowed to go home on 24th August 2012.This therefore means that Uganda will finally be declared Ebola free on October 4th.

Still, Uganda is well equipped to counter any new outbreaks for example the isolation facility at Kagadi Hospital in Kibaale District has been transformed into a permanent structure, the laboratory system at the Uganda Virus Research institute is still operational and also the national and district task forces are all on the alert.

However, Since the fresh fighting has been reported across the border in the Democratic Republic of Congo between Congolese government troops and the M23 rebels, many Congolese are crossing the border into Uganda and in DRC, Ebola has so far killed 32 people and other 72 are thought to be infected with the deadly hemorrhagic fever, so these ones are giving Uganda a great challenge, but the Ministry of health surveillance team is on high alert.

These people are isolated from areas inhabited Ugandans.

So Lwamafa assured the whole world that Uganda is safe health wise and travelers and I am also urging tourists should seize this chance and book their Safaris


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