There has been a lot of quarrels and protests over a certain amateur film that was produced from the United States and uploaded on the Internet on the website. Very many things have happened, very many people have died and many things destroyed resulting from the anger that was sparked by the film.
The United States President Mr.Barack Obama went ahead to condemn the video, but the United States Court ruled against blocking the film on the Internet. On the same day, a French magazine published cartoons also insulting prophet Muhammad causing widespread riots.
Now it appears like there is an open war between Christians and Muslims. Making French and United States Citizens unsafe in many countries.
In the tourism perspetive, this is a cause for getting afraid because in case of any riot about this it issue, and these angry rioters land on any citizen of the countries that Muslims take to be enemies of Islam, then loss of life is inevitable.
Basing on this fact, the governments of USA, France, Germany, etc have issued safety precautions for all their citizens in the whole world.
France has gone ahead to close 20 embassies and French Schools all over the world.
So it means that we shall have a few client bookings for Safaris, meaning a loss of income especially from the hospitality sector since these Europeans are the ones who consume our tourism services.
Now we are bracing ourselves for very low tourist arrivals since these potential tourists are not sure if they will come to our countries and they return home alive!
The US Embassy here in Uganda issued a warning for all its citizens that they should take concern about their safety, complicating things further.
But what we are assuring all those who want to travel to Uganda is that Uganda is very safe and is completely neutral about that issue since the government of Uganda protects all the human rights of all its citizens (and its guests) and in Uganda there is freedom of worship and religion as a basic human right.

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