Yesterday, on 18th September 2012 at 2:00 am in the night, another tragic accident occurred on highway between Lyantonde and Masaka, Killing 14 people, and leaving many others with serious injuries.

This time it was a coach, belonging to Horizon Bus Company which was traveling from Kisoro to Kampala, and it failed to negotiate a tight corner and it overturned before catching fire and burning the deceased passengers beyond recognition.

Okey, the incident has already happened, but at this point it is hard to tell what really went wrong as many accusations are directed towards the driver (RIP) who also perished in the same accident, that he was drunk, he was overspeeding,to mention but a few, a thing that his boss(the general manager of Horizon) greatly denies, others say that the bus was carrying waragi(a locally made gin which is made from banana juice),which is highly flammable as it contains high concentrations of hydrocarbons.

Also the same manager says that the bus was in sound mechanical condition and for the road; this is a newly re-constructed road, which is very smooth and doesn’t even have a scar!

However, since this particular road is the same road which connects most of the National parks in western Uganda to Kampala, which is the starting point for most tourism programs, I know most of the people will be scared to use the same road since it will be known to be a killing spot, particularly this place which has claimed many lives.

But I want to emphasize is that these several accidents are not a direct vote of no confidence in our traffic system because our traffic officers are well experienced and trained and us tour operators don’t transport our clients using public means here in Uganda like bodabodas, Minibus Taxis, buses like this one which crashed, to mention but a few, although we share the same road space.

So, since all drivers are very professional, experienced and they are very well aware of the demands, dos and don’ts of the Uganda tourism industry, then I declare our transport system, at least for our clients (tourists) safe and reliable since we run it our selves.


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