It started as mere stories when words like “bailouts”, “Euro zone”, “Crisis” would appear in every bit of news on famous news channels like Al-Jazeera, BBC, CNN, to mention but a few, and some of our Politicians declared that Europe and America were thousands of miles away from Uganda and that the economic shocks in those areas would not affect Uganda in anyway.

At first, it was Greece, Second was Portugal and then Spain. At one of the Euro zone talks, the Spanish Prime minister urged the financial representative of his country, Spain to “negotiate a fair deal that favors Spain as Spain is not Uganda” through an SMS text message, a thing that triggered angry online protests from Ugandans, Uganda’s friends and other open-minded people who oppose corrupted and Barbaric & Supremacist Ideologies which are outdated and inapplicable in Today’s situation.

Some Ugandan Elites like me opted for obvious, the social networks and the media to lodge in our disappointment at those comments and indeed we told him off!

We compared Uganda and Spain and we discovered that Uganda was far ahead of Spain in the rate of Economic Growth, Employment, to mention but a few, while leaving out a few achievements and milestones which are best explained by historical explanations (read injustices).

What we did not give a second thought was, how long could we sustain our rate of Economic growth that we were proud of? How does our country balance its budget? Who are the key consumers of our few exports of Goods and services?

As time has continued to pass, we have realized that when Europe, and the Americas sneeze, we suffer from the cold! When they are not fine financially, we become worse.

The collapse of the banking system in Europe has made people there very poor, as they don’t have disposable income that they can use to pay for Trips to Africa, which has put the survival of African Tourism on a tough test.

Our economies are threatened with total collapse and the number of Tourists has seriously reduced by over 70%!

According various Tour Operators in the Country (Uganda), what used to be a high season when the number of client bookings would climax to an average of 20 bookings per month per Operator During the months of June, July, August and October, Novewmber and December, is now characterized by nearly no bookings at all.

But what we are optimistic about is that very soon, since bailout loans are being dispensed to the most affected countries like Spain, Portugal and Greece, very soon, probably next year in high tourist season, the bailout loans will have started to give returns and the citizens of those European countries will be able to bless us with more bookings.

We are also doing much work in developing and promoting community tourism in the country.




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