Time check is 1:00 pm and the place is Central Democratic of Congo, American wildlife researchers, John and Terese Hart of the Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale Research Project after a tip-off from their friends who happen to be Congolese Villagers about a “funny type of monkey”, visit a Congolese home and find indeed a rare type of monkey which is only known to be in this particular part of Congo.

Locally Known as Lesula(Cercopithecus lomamiensis) , this monkey is seriously hunted by monkey hunters for its “extraordinary meat”(monkeys are edible to human beings in this part of the world).

This Places Democratic republic Of Congo in the same club with Uganda and Rwanda, afterall they all share another important mammal specie, called the Mountain Gorilla, which is only found in Bwindi National Park in Uganda, Parc Des Volcans   in Rwanda and Parc Des Virungas. Congo has another Specie of antelope called the Statunga antelope while Uganda is the only home to the world’s largest antelope, the Eland, Making this wildlife corridor between these three coutries, the place one should visit before he/she dies!

Although a few problems are in Congo concerning security and safety, but the tourism passages are secure, and you can enjoy your wildlife Safari without any danger.

OR you can enjoy gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda, etc.

This monkey specie is among the very, many animal species which are only endemic to Africa.

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