At the beginning of mid-August, anonymous people once again used the popularity of You tube, a Social media tool which allows unlimited self publishing of Videos on the World Wide Web, to publish a film that has had a great effect on the goings between United States of America and its “Muslim Friends”.

For starters, social media is any means by which people of different walks of life can meet virtually and interact on the Internet.

It has many uses ranging from advertising to dating, but also criminals and other people with different motives can use it to serve their own interests.

For example political activists used the power of social media and caused political earthquakes in the famous “Arab Spring” where leaders of Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia and Libya were ejected while Leaders of Bahrain and Syria are fighting for their jobs.

So, some people used the same technique to propagate a propaganda film that “insults prophet Muhammad and portrays him as an agent of child sexual abuse”.

The sources of the film are unknown and so the interests of its makers but at least we know that this amateur film were made from California, USA.

The film has sparked angry and violent protests across all the Muslim dominated countries and every Muslim on earth is very angry over the same.

In Lybia, even the ambassador of the United States to Libya was killed last week in a riot at the American Embassy in Benghazi, while in Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, etc, Security personnel are trying hard to contain the protests where massive angry protesters are destroying everything American, and chanting “Death to America”

Today on the 17th September 2012,the Leader of Hezbolla, an Islamist Militant group operating in Lebanon, in the Middle East, has called for mass protests over the Film and in Afghanistan, Four NATO soldiers were killed tow days ago by Afghan “Policemen”.

But despite all that is transpiring, potential tourists have to continue with their program at the same time they had planned to travel on earlier before the protests but this time to a different destination especially if that potential tourist is a Christian (or a pagan) or comes from a Christian dominated country for example France, Spain, Portugal, United States of America, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, etc.

Although most of the Asian and Middle East countries are gifted with a large tourist potential, a large portion of this region is Muslim dominated, thus making it unsafe for Christian tourists or even people that come from the countries I earlier mentioned.

So it now time to get a little choosy and you change on your menu and you opt fpor Africa as your other tourist destination.

Tourism in Africa, specifically Uganda is mainly about nature, wildlife and culture.

Nature includes sight seeing where you seize a chance to get a glimpse at Uganda’s Captivating scenery, which is lush tropical, green, savanna dotted with acacia trees, and Kigezi highlands, which are regarded as the Switzerland of Africa.

It also includes wild adventures at Murchison falls where thousands of gallons of water squeeze through a narrow 6metre wide gap and then falls 300 metres below into a ditch and then forms a very wide river (we are talking the longest river in the world-Rive Nile), white water rafting, bungee jumping, kayaking and other sports for the “friends of water” in Jinja on the same river Nile on its magic grade 5 rapids!

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