On Saturday 25th August 2012,it was finally confirmed that suspected Ebola Patients had been tested Negative of the deadly Virus which Kills 9 out of 10 of the Total number of patients it infects.

The good news is that although one of the last 2 Ebola patients at Kagadi Government Hospital had died earlier on Thursday 23rd 2012,the other Patient later tested free of the virus meaning that she had fully recovered from the virus.

So I think that could be a starting point for further research on this virus, since it is possible that some individuals can develop immunity against it and there is no clear treatment.

This was indeed a great opportunity for Uganda whose Tourism had been dealt with a big blow after the virus was first reported towards the end of July 2012,by that time, a strange “disease” had already killed 17 people, and what was more confusing is that Ebola, which has long been known to be a hemorrhagic illness, this time did not show any signs of blood oozing from all body openings as was earlier known. So it was a complete mystery.

There were lots of Tour and Safari cancellations and business went all time low.

One Tour Operator alleged that there had never been any single day, which would go without a single Safari Inquiry, but during this period, things became worse or even the worst.

Although it was true that we were experiencing the Ebola Problem, the extent of danger was exaggerated as expected, by foreign media. International news reporters report with bias while reporting on “unfamiliar countries” especially in Africa, Middle East, the Americas and East Asia.

Now, the number of foreign tourists making Safari inquiries is slowly coming up again especially those ones who want Gorilla tracking safaris, flying safaris, wildlife and game viewing.

So now you can go ahead and arrange your Vacation in Uganda without fear or favor because Ebola has been chased from our country and if you want to get all the accurate news about Uganda, it is wise to find out from the news agencies that are found here in Uganda so as to avoid lies from ill-informed reporters or reporters who are after sabotaging Uganda at all costs.

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