Google Penguin Update. The Battle for Supremacy.

Search Engine Optimization has never been a joking subject, at first, all was obvious that in order to get your site on top of other sites (in google rankings) you had to do these:-

  • Submit your site to very many directories (paid and / or not paid)
  • Get links from high-ranking sites.
  • Get links from blogs and forums. This can be from comments.
  • Publish very may articles and press releases.
  • Use keywords, etc, etc.

Little did we know that google had intended not to get its tricks known, so as soon as some wise people busted those algorithms, google fumed with anger and got it’s programmers on the table to help and make things complicated for Search Engine Experts like me who infiltrated their ranking algorithms.

The result was these unending updates and even banning the consideration of some of the methods it used to use to determine some one’s ranking.

Now, for the new update, a team of human beings is the one that determines rankings and no longer automated machines.

Google now behaves more like Bing because the age of a domain is used to determine its ranking, the content of the site, if the site had duplicated content, even it goes further to see whether the sites that link to the site are related to that same site, if a search term is the same as any of the words in your URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and so on and so forth.

Then something called white hat and black hat optimization techniques were introduced where by the latter attracts maximum penalties.

Black hat optimization techniques are those techniques which are illegal and unethical, but that doesn’t mean that they cant help you get your site where you want it to be, but the problem is that when you are busted, the punishment is either de-listing your site or even banning you while white hat techniques is the opposite of the former.

For example one of the black hat techniques is keyword stuffing and spamming a search engine.

Keyword stuffing.

I will explain Keyword stuffing like this: –

For example you have a site that provides information about tourism in East Africa, so you look around and get the prominent keywords about tourism in East Africa like gorillas, tracking, safaris, tours, etc.

You decide to make these keywords uniform on every page of your site, even the one which has your telephone contacts.

This is what we call keyword stuffing. This is determined by determining the keyword density (the amount of times a targeted keyword appears on a site)

Search Engine Spamming: – This is when you use illegal practices like using door way pages and using your anchor text as one of the keywords (if you want to use the anchor text as one of your keywords, you order the robots by using the attribute of rel= “no follow” or adding the meta tag <meta name=”robots” content=”no index, no follow” /> (these options can be changed according to what you want.

Or you can use your robot.txt file to specify this.

Failure to take care of how robots index your site will lead to harsh penalties from Google.

The Penguin.

Now finally the penguin update is here and it is mainly after over-optimisation, parked domains and unnatural links.

This update has led to the de-listing, banning and where necessary, reduction of rank in many siutes. It came out effective April 2012.

Let explain over optimization because it is the one that is very important.

Over Optimization: -This is when a suite has fake and / or duplicated content, but it is well optimized.

This is done when you make a site to satisfy robots, but not users

A site is overoptimised when: –

  • It loads way too quickly.
  • Its entire links are coming from blogs and forums.
  • Its entire links are coming from the site its owner also owns.
  • Its links are coming from irrelevant sites.
  • Its links were rented, but not bought.
  • Its address is just hopeless, but search engine friendly
  • Its links come from blog comments.etc, etc

With this update, no one is safe, even if you run, you can’t hide, more sites will be penalized and more will be promoted for the first time!

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