Whenever it comes to holidays and vacations, it is very complex to determine what to choose. This happens because of the ideologies, which have been imported from peers and may be individual interests, but this is to a smaller extent.

Most of the people have been made to believe that enjoying a holiday or vacation must be done in South America or the Carribean, at Miami Beach, Puerto Rico, etc.

By going to places like these, you only expect activities which are related to water, which most of us are used to because at least if you don’t own a bath tub (which is healthier than swimming in an ocean) or you bathe always at your convenience. So being near water is not something that moves mountains, is it? OR if it’s not that, people go for shopping trips as vacation activity as if wherever they come from, there are no shops and shopping centers! If its not shopping, then the travel agents promise street parties, but what we know, everyone comes from a country which has a street, although they are somehow different, they share the same features, i.e shops, arcades, vehicles (streets in some countries have new and extremely good vehicles and streets in other countries have good, expensive and new while in others the reverse is true, but they are all cars!)

But hey, there is a reason why you should visit a different environment in the ‘dark continent’ as ‘some people’ call it and you find out the wildest places and things you will surely not find anywhere else.

Forexample, Uganda is one of the few countries of the world, which is fertile allover and is all green with its trademark lush vegetation with thick forests, rivers and shining lakes making it something which is hard to define. Its landscape ranges from highlands, to fertile low-lying plains, gently sloping hills, all covered with thick bushes, tropical rainforest, montane vegetation, woodlands, bamboo forests savanna grassland and fresh water bodies!

The temperature is always warm and neither hot nor cold in the whole year round.

Even people who like beaches, Uganda has very good ones near Lake Victoria.

In East Africa, there is a possibility of seeing things that are nowhere in the world since East Africa is in the tropics.

Very many bird species like the shoebill, Kingfisher, Golden backed weaver, the Bateleur, crested Francolin, Black billed bustard, to mention but a few are only found here.

There are also tropical animals which are probably only found here, animals like the tree climbing lions which are only in Ishasha part of Queen Elizabeth National park, some species of reptiles, and big cats.

Lastly the most important tourist attraction is in Uganda, Rwanda and parts of Congo, the Mountain gorilla, but Uganda has 3 quarters of their population (gorillas) while both Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda combined have a quarter (the remaining number).

For any person who likes to have a good time, I suggest that adventure safaris /tours to Africa’s remotest, wildest and thrilling jungles makes a difference.

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