Kenya’s Tourism hit by misfortune

Kenya in East Africa is a very good country. It is the economic giant in East Africa which is comprised of Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya,

Next on the economic giant ship is Tanzania, followed by Uganda, Rwanda and lastly Burundi in that order.

Kenya is not only an economic giant, but also a tourist giant, at least based on statistics that are released annually.

Kenya runs a fleet of Boeing aircrafts in partnership Kenya Airways, which make international flights to and from major world destinations and this has greatly led to the growth of tourism, which directly reflects its growth in the annual economic growth statistics in the Kenyan Economy.

The major strength of Kenya’s Tourism lies in its numbers, its national parks are seriously crowded with animals while its neighbors have countable numbers which provides Kenya with a reliable comparative advantage and a competitive push against its neighbors especially Uganda. Tanzania dominates the History section of Tourism because of its rich history and how its history shaped the current events and cultures in East and central Africa.

Problems Arise.

As early as 2007 after the general elections, violence broke out in Kenya on allegations that President Mwai Kibaki(Rainbow Coalition) had stolen prime minister Raila Odinga’s(Orange Democratic Movement) Victory. As a result, very many people died, property was destroyed and tourism was hampered.

As things started to normalize, terrorist in Somalia deemed it necessary that it was time it started to put sense in Kenya’s head and remind Kenya that indeed Somalia is belongs to Somalis, so they launched various terror attacks in Churches, shopping malls, etc, killing very many people and promised to bring down Kenya’s towering skyscrapers in Nairobi and Mombasa down if it didn’t pull its troops out of Somalia where it had deployed its soldiers in a small territory bordering Kenya to create a buffer zone between Somalia and Kenya to stop more incidences of kidnap after several tourists had been kidnapped and some killed  by terrorists of Al-shabab who would use the hostages as a bargaining tool while attempting to secure the release of their fighters captured in war or pirates in the Ocean.

Uganda is Not Kenya!

The terrorists did not stop from there, they also warned to make many Ugandans cry adding salt in the wounds of the relatives of the approximately 80 people who died in twin bomb blasts in Kampala on July 11th 2010,at Kyadondo grounds and Ethiopian Restaurant in Kabalagala while people were watching the finals of 2010 world cup.

After those attacks, Uganda scaled up its deployments in Somalia, sent more troops, equipped them very well and they took the war to the bedrooms of the terrorists. Their effect has been felt since reports show that terrorists have been apparently defeated and operate in the largely uninhabited part of the country.

Uganda also focused on the security at home denying these bloodthirsty terrorists a chance to strike again, since they were threatening to make a replay of 2010.

Uganda is very secure, its borders are very secure and everything is safe here in Uganda. It one of the places where it is easy to met a 25 year old person who has never heard a gunshot!

This has been achieved through the Vigilance of the security organs like intelligence, police and the army. The only rebellion of Lord’s Resistance army in Northern Uganda was defeated and Kony is now hiding in Central Africa awaiting his arrest since he is being hunted by the United States Special Forces from central Africa and he has no army but a few rag-tag bandits.

The whole of Uganda is safe and secure.

So while planning your trip to Uganda, a Uganda Vacation or Safari or a Uganda Tour, then Safety should not be included in your worries.

The other good news is that Ebola has been defeated ant now Uganda is indeed the number one travel destination of 2012 as lonely planet had earlier stated!

Air Accidents in Kenya.

Barely two months ago, a plane carrying Kenyan Ministers crashed in Kenya, has killing two ministers, the powerful Prof.Saitoti and Orwa  Ojode which incident casted a cloud of doubt on the safety while in Kenya’s skies.

Last week, three Ugandan military helicopters (moving under the directions of Kenya Air force) on a journrney to Somalia to face off with the blood thirsty Al-Shabab terrorists crashed in Mount Kenya forest, killing 7 crew members sparking controversy about the cause of air accidents in this East African giant.

Yesterday, Two German tourists were involved in an air accident and their plane crashed under unclear circumstances killing them instantly, the plane nosedived, moments after takeoff in great Masai Mara. This was indeed bad news, for three consecutive plane crashes and loss of lives in country, which relies heavily on tourism.

Uganda steps in to normalize things.

But not all is lost, Uganda has not stood to watch as the tourism of East Africa collapses and indeed it has the best tourism options in East Africa, its only they this fact is under-publicized.

Uganda provides the best white water Rafting options in the whole world at River Nile in Jinja at the grade 5 rapids, Uganda has 3 quarters of the remaining world population of mountain gorillas, It is in Ishasha in Queen Elizabeth that you will surely find the famous tree climbing lions which you will never find else where in the world.

Uganda is one of the few places of the world, which has all shapes of landscape and all kinds of vegetation, which is endemic to the tropics (in East Africa). So sight seeing is taken as very great tourism activity here in Uganda, where your eyes will surely not get bored.

Look at the fertile plains of western belt covering the greater Bunyoro-Kitara kingdom (Kibaale, Mubende, Kiboga, Kibale, Kasese, Ntungamo, Mbarara, Bushenyi, Fort portal some parts of Buganda, etc)

Take a look at the grass and clear savanna with some scanty trees in the Ankole Masaka corridor between Mbarara and Masaka where you are sure to find the Ankole long horned cows which you will never find else where in the world.

You can also make a trip to visit this wonderful tribe, the Karimojong in North East Uganda, who are neighbors to the famous Masai in Kenya and by the way share common culture, belief, customs and are connected by their much cherished cattle, visit these people who are termed as the Ugandan Version of the Masai and get to know more about them, their secrets about their passion with cattle, how cattle raiding had influenced their lives, why they believe (and so will you) they are not primitive as most people think, etc.

Visit the famous Ntungamo cattle corridor and get to Know about the Kaaro Karungi folks and the cattle keeping culture of the Bahororo(half castes between Banyarwanda,Bahima,Banyankole and Bakiga).

All this constitutes the Cultural tour.

Also you can enjoy game drives in Uganda’s biggest park, Murchison Falls, which has trademark waterfalls where there are battle cries from the everlasting war between the water and the rocks where gallons of water squeeze through a narrow passage and then plunges itself very many meters deep into the hard rocks creating this explosion sound and an ever present rainbow.

You will also watch various bird species from here if you are a birding fanatic.

Uganda has also thick tropical rainforests in the country.

Queen Elizabeth has the biggest number of the big animals, the lion, elephant, leopard and giraffe.

There are many reasons why a tour to Uganda should be considered, but I have just selected those ones, so do a tour to Uganda discover more secrets if you are afraid of being blown up Kenya or to get your plane crashed while doing an aerial tour!

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