Article submission is one the measures to increase rankings on major search engines like google, MSN, Bing, AltaVista,, to mention but a few, together with link submission, social bookmarking, link building, to mention but a few.

But as it looks flashy when Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts confirm that article submission gives triple results in search engine rankings and that it has the ability to get you to the first four places on the first page with a few articles submitted in the shortest time. Indeed it is lovely!

But as common sense has it, most of us go for article submission sites which have high google page rank and alexa rank for reasons well known to you, since it gives a double gain from back link building and top priority in those respective directories.

But what sucks most are those lengthy terms & conditions and mean submission guidelines, which are hard to fulfill before getting your most cherished article get live!

From punctuations, spellings, English grammar and writing syntax, everything is hell!

For some of us who just learnt English as our second language in elementary schools, it is even complex for us to read and understand those “submission Guidelines” which are written in the sophisticated “Queen’s Language” which makes it very hard for us to get our articles published and instead we get endless error email messages chocking our inboxes and not getting anything done and thereafter scoring the triple AAAs the previous publishers give to these internet movers and get our sites promoted.

It seems the owners of the sites wanted only people from USA and the United Kingdom to enjoy this great privilege, or they decide on which article to approve or not to approve not basing themselves on their own self-made “guidelines”.

So now have decided to go blogging since I can write my “crap” as they call it, poorly formatted text, wrong spellings, slangs in my native East African country, as long as my target audience like what I write, not someone, or it can even be a machine, determining what is good for my audience!

I will take the mantle of marketing my blog and I evade these arrogant “robots” that refuse to publish my articles and chock my Gmail inbox with error email messages!

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