Lake Nyabihoko, located just 15 Kilometers from Rwashamaire trading center and located in Kajara County, Ntungamo District in Western Uganda.Rwashamaire trading Center is on the Ntungamo- Rukungiri Road, which is paved.

The legend of Mutuumo is the legend, which is said to have led to the formation of this lake, although science and geography casts clouds of doubt in the truth of the allegations.

One day, a wealthy herds man called Mutuumo had very many cows and servants. Mutuumo was a Muhima and his servants were Bairu (A mwiru singular and Bairu is plural which means slave or slaves) farmers. These are the two tribes that make up Ankole Kingdom of Western Uganda.

Mutuumo had a secret sexual affair with one of the beautiful female servants with whom he produced a son, but never told his official wife about it.

Mutuumo had a working relationship with the Bacwezi who had given him a cow, but this cow came with conditions, and Mutuumo was to fulfill the conditions and get a lot of wealth from the cow.

The instructions were that ‘if it happens and the cow dies, no one from his family should dare eat the cow’!

So Mutuumo traveled to Rwanda and left instructions to his wife but the journey was too long and he spent a very long time away from home.

However, after a short time, the cow died and the servants ignored Mutuumo’s wife’s advice and decided to eat the cow.

Since one of the Children was belonging to Mutuumo’s female servant and the wife did not know, that child also joined the other servants and they ate the meat from that cow.

At night when they were asleep, a servant was churning milk to get out butter, so as she was churning the milk, she had some strange sound like that one of stones falling in water, and when she complained, they blamed her for her laziness (she had a a great record of being lazy).

Soon afterwards, everyone drowned and they all died!

As a result, Lake Nyabihoko was made.

Fast forward…

If you visit this lake while on a Uganda Tour, you can clearly see the traditional Ankole homestead, cow kraal in the middle of the lake, which proves that indeed, some homestead existed there!

So lake Nyabihoko is indeed a history Gem of Uganda, you can visit it in a your overall Uganda tour and cultural tours.

Currently, there is a good beach, which has self-contained rooms and tour guides to help you get the best out of your tour.

However Geographers prove that the lake was formed as a result of flooding from surface runoff water since it is surrounded by hills and is in a big valley.

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  1. gakondo says:

    Thank you for the great information but Bairu does not mean slaves.Bairu means Bantu.Bairu are a class of Bantu among the Banyankole-Banyoro who are mainly agricultural farmers.Term Bairu is equivalent to term Bahutu in Rwanda who also are a Bantu class of people who are agriculturalists.The reason why some may say that Bairu means slaves is because the Bahororo among Bahima used to draw serfs from among the Bairu to work for them as most Bairu were usually poor.This was sometimes on mutual agreement and there was barter trading involved i.e exchange of services for dairy products,cows,land,and agricultural produce. When slave traders invaded they captured mostly Bairu to be taken and sold into slavery abroad because they were considered physically stronger than the Bahima.The same story is nearly similar to that of Batusi and Bahutu historical relationship in Rwanda.Thank you.

  2. kajungu andrew says:

    the place i will rest for aweek this easter

  3. Nabimanya Birongo says:

    Its true, i grew from dat area but that geography is alie?

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